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5 Tips For Running A Killer Real Estate Open House

First impressions matter especially in real estate as the competition is high and buyers are quick to make judgements on a home within seconds of pulling up to the home. The open house is a critical step in the real estate process that allows you to showcase the home and connect with potential buyers. But there’s a lot more to running a successful open house than just fluffing pillows and deep cleaning.

Here are 5 expert tips on making the most of your open house:

1. Get the word out to the right people. Invite the neighbors for a private open house before hand in case they have friends and family looking in that area. Make sure to get the open house on all major websites and social media a few days in advance. And, of course, use a lot of signs from the main road.

2. Get the property open house ready. Give your client a list on how to give the home a facelift such as fresh paint, landscaping, and de-cluttering.

3. Make attendeees feel at home. Provide snacks and refreshments to make attendees feel at home. Play light music and light candles in bathrooms with fresh towels and hand soap.

4. Engage with buyers but don’t be overbearing. Don’t follow around the potentional buyers, keep an eye on them and let them know you are there with any questions.

5. Create informational handouts to stay top of mind. Provide a handout on the home with more high-quality images and less words to help stand out from the other homes the buyers are looking at.

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